19 August 2015

South Poland Cleantech Cluster

Nonstop has been granted shares in the South Poland Cleantech Cluster, becoming one of the founding members of the organization. CleanTech Cluster aims at promoting clean technologies and helping other entities run their cleantech projects, enablind them to tap into Cluster members' competencies and experience.
18 February 2015

New HQ in Cracow

We've changed the localization of our northern Cracow office. Starting today we occupy a spacious office in the Columbus Office Center near Piasta KoƂodzieja street. Highest standards, hassle-free parking, lots of space. Our team simply deserve it. Pay us a visit!
28 January 2015

Nonstop setats in the Supervisory Board of South Poland Cleantech Cluster

Nonstop representative has been assigned a position in the Supervisory Board of South Poland Cleantech Cluster. Being on the Board lets Nonstop take part in the first initiative of this type and scope in Poland. South Poland Cleantech Cluster provides support for projects based on latest clean technologies. Cleantech clusters are very successful not only in Western Europe, but also throughout the entire world, and the interest in clean technologies is on the rise.
10 June 2014

New office in Cracow

Due to the dynamic blah blah blah - anyways, we're launching a new, spacious office in the south-western part of Cracow, in a high-rise office building - Colosseum. Easy access from pretty much anywhere in Cracow, spacious and very bright offices on the fifth floor, high standard. It's not what we'd call pure luxury yet, because this will come when we build our own skyscraper with offices and occupy highest floors. Things are in motion already :)
20 March 2013

Yet another project for ING

Nonstop will deliver ING Bank Slaski SA an IT platform to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. The key factors for choosing Nonstop were not only the ease of integration of the new platform with other ING systems, but also the fact that the proposed solution is based on EasyForms - flexible platform to create and manage electronic forms that's already used in the bank, and was also delivered by Nonstop.
6 March 2013

Analytics system for a video platform

Viddler, one of the leading B2B video providers in the world, has decided to entrust us the project to create from scratch a brand new analytical solution for their video delivery platform. The vast amount of data, high level of complexity, aggressive deadline for completion of the project - this is a perfect example of a project, where Nonstop best shows its value.
26 February 2013

Another project in the UK

FutureYear, a really interesting startup located on the British Isles, has asked us to run yet another project. This time we are to create a version of their platform dedicated to users with mobile devices - ideal group of recipients of their social networking platform.
29 January 2013

USPTO issues a patent for our customer!

Viddler.com has just received a patent for technology related to video playback in browsers. The procedure lasted several years, Nonstop was involved almost from the outset as the partner responsible for the substance of the patent (as well as the development of the patented technology). Hey, viddler.com crew - congratulations!
10 January 2013

Oracle inside out

Having signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Commit.IT, we are pleased to announce that Nonstop extends the offer with a full range of Oracle Database related services. Setting up and configuration, database design, maintenance, tuning and optimization - we're able to help solve even multi-terabyte problems.
27 December 2012

Christmas Stunt

In just a week, just before Christmas, Nonstop helped Qumak launch polakom.pl - a website where anyone can wish all the best to all the Poles, via webcam. The project was a real stunt - time and feature wise, yet it all clicked in and it was viewed by tens of thousands of people. The recorded wishes were played many hundreds of thousands of times. Behold the power of internet! Nonstop's role was insignificant, in the barrage of ever-changing requirement changes, under a severe pressure of time, thanks to Viddler.com infrastructure we managed to get it all working. In budget. On time. Happy New Year!
1 December 2012

Nonstop joins BPCC

We've joined a renown commerce organisation - British-Polish Chamber of Commerce. In the next year we'll be actively pursuing opportunities on the UK market. Today, Nonstop is already serving three UK customers, and we hope to increase this number by opening a branch in Tech City, the part of London that's bustling with tech activity. Stay tuned!
1 March 2011

iOS support

Responding to a growing demand stemming from a world-wide crazy fad, Nonstop expanded its team and competences, and is pleased to offer iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch software development services. Viddler is the first customer to take advantage of the offer, and will receive a brand new, shiny Apple app allowing not only movie browsing, but also uploading and recording. Stay tuned!
5 October 2010

Klex Update

Klex, the state-of-art threaded chat we've developed for Onet.pl has received a serious update: this time we overhauled it to allow seamless YouTube integration, making it even more engaging. Next step: invading Facebook. Stay tuned!
24 September 2010

TED trust us

Yes, the TED we all know and value trusted us with helping them build their newest DVD presentation containing many interesting 2009 TED talks. Runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. We're proud to be helping TED and spread ideas that are worth it.
6 September 2010

Racelords - Beta!

Kids go back to school. To keep their spirits up we've launched beta version of a new game, kept in steampunk climate: Racelords. We're still ironing out the last glitches.
2 April 2010

Alpha preview of Racelords

We've opened the alpha preview of Racelords, steampunk browser game. As of current, only by invitation.
6 January 2010


Shortly after New Year Stylio has deployed Stylator - a new module, in which each user is able to create their own fashion mashups. Nonstop provided the kernel of this new functionality - Flash mashup editor.
9 December 2009

Viddler offers HD

viddler.com supports movies in HD quality now. Available to Viddler partners and customers at first, this service is planned for a full scale roll out in coming months.
3 November 2009

New eBOK customer

A leading digital TV company has decided to use Nonstop technology to store and share electronic documents, including e-invoices.
28 October 2009

UD - major upgrade

Another significant upgrade of the Kids University brings above all new site structure, new design, increased safety of kids, and also a number of new features, including games and logical;). Who says that education is boring?
20 October 2009

Reaching the scale

E-invoicing technology created by Nonstop is being used by more than half a million end users! We're happy for our technology partners and customers - each e-invoice is not only a convenience for the customer, but also means measurable savings - both financial and environmental. It is easy to imagine how much paper would have to be used to print well over 10 million invoices issued to date by the eBOK system :).
26 August 2009

Technology frontier

Nonstop begins a cooperation with one of the leading Internet portals in Poland. We're working on something that has not yet been seen before. Sorry - no more details till it's live.
20 August 2009

Think and act globally

Another Viddler platform upgrade brings significant change - 100% support for UTF-8. Now everyone in the world can describe and comment movies in their native language. This is an important step for the company which started as a startup focused on U.S. bloggers only.
6 August 2009

Viddler - HD.

Yet another upgrade of viddler.com. This time we focused on introducing HD media support, including seeking, which is Achilles' heel of most of the competition.
3 June 2009

Viddler - B2B.

New release of the Viddler platform, deployed this morning, contains a host of new features making the cooperation with B2B customers a breeze. Fast growing demand for this particular part of our american customer's offer forced us to build a fully automatized set of tools for managing the usage, payments and invoicing processes of rapidly increasing number of viddler.com B2B customers.
15 May 2009

eBOK - yet another deployment!

eBOK, the leading e-invoicing platform with the broadest reach in Poland was successfully customized for yet another big customer - this time to thousands and thousands users of one of the largest ISPs in Poland. Nonstop's eBOK System was chosen for it's maturity, stability and scope over host of competitors' products.
30 April 2009

Stylio - revolutions!

Nonstop will deliver a series of brand new features for one of the biggest fashion sites in Poland - Stylio. Starting with Trendomierz, Styliopedia, and then Stylator, Stylio decided to let Nonstop take care of the site development, recognizing Nonstop as reliable partner delivering high quality results, on time.
9 April 2009

Uniwersytet Dzieci - live!

After a few months of intensive work, Nonstop has just deployed a brand new, extended version of Kids University site. Now pretty much any kid can feel how it is to be a "real" student of a "real" university, regardless of where they live and if they can afford to actually attend the lectures organized by the Paideia Foundation. Great idea, cool project, successful deployment. Pure happiness.
12 January 2009

Kids University switches gears

Kids University, a fast growing NGO helping kids explore vast areas of knowledge, started working with Nonstop to create a new, revolutionary project in the Polish Internet. Sometimes, to make the world a better place, you just have to try.
11 December 2008

Sedlak & Sedlak - new challenge

Sedlak & Sedlak, the oldest Polish personnel consulting company, chose Nonstop as a partner responsible for the technology of their newest internet project.
19 November 2008

Viddler ... ad infinitum

Next step on the road of making sure every single user gets what they need - Nonstop helped viddler.com move their critical modules to Amazon EC2/S3 services. Scaling Viddler has just become easier.
6 November 2008

We support the Kabanda Trust

We helped to launch the new website of the The Kabanda Trust recently. We hope our work will help raise way more money to support education of all these kids from Uganda.
26 September 2008

FreeWheel @ viddler.com

Yet another version of viddler.com platform released - iTunes support and FreeWheel integration. FreeWheel offers not only regular pre-, post-, and mid-rolls, they also serve ads from Adap.tv and Google. This release is yet another step viddler.com takes to monetize rapidly growing popularity.
1 August 2008

Link2U launched!

After months and months of coding and testing, Link2U, a new social networking site launches its beta version. The site is dedicated to professionals who look for new contacts and who want to exchange business information. Except for standard features, Link2U offers also a salary survey and an employers ranking. The site is dedicated to Polish market, but the plans are already in place to run the service in other European and Asian countries, too.