Professionalism, experience and involvement combined work miracles. We are all well aware of that. And, yes, we act like a well trained special task force. We show up, do our job and vanish into thin air. Before we disappear we cash the money. Our customers like that - they keep coming for more. No time wasting, no unproductive meetings, no heaps of paperwork, no witnesses. Just surgical precision. Mission accomplished.

Michał Basiński

ID: ironman
Specialization: loopholes

One of the most valuable assets of a well known legal firm - KKPW. A man you better side with, than stand opposite to. As a side note - Michał really takes part in triathlons and thus bears a real Ironman title.

Julia Cecek

ID: julia
Specialization: PMO

Julia coordinates our efforts to conquer the world. If not her, we would've died buried under an ever-growing pile of papers.

Kasper Cecek

ID: jhammer
Specialization: Java, PM

There are no insoluble problems for him. The day is always too short. Work hours and the passage of time in general are rather relative terms, as well as the need for sleep. Simple?

Co-founder of Nonstop. Plays the R2D2 role in the tandem.

Michal Chabowski

ID: mca
Specialization: Java

Analytical mind, with all the consequences. He moves by means of differential calculus. During his scarce free time he listens to math-metal played back by his audiophile grade equipment. Had we forced him to write a few words about himself, he would've started with reading the "Numerical methods in autocreation" book.

Piotr Chalecki

ID: pchalecki
Specialization: UI, UX, gfx design, front tech

Awesome designer. Die-hard football player. Drives way too fast.

Marek Ciolczyk

ID: mciolczyk
Specialization: Java

Marek likes to stop the world sometimes to immerse in examining something new. Fortunately, the reality tirelessly generates new situations that are worth it.

Maciej Dragan

ID: drkn
Specialization: Java, JavaScript, Scrum

Demolition man, season two. Can do anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

Mateusz Drożdż

ID: mdrozdz
Specialization: Java

Mateusz lives a second, secret life. Fishing, bicycle riding, mountain trampling, stuff like that. However, when asked at work, he denies anything and everything.

Kamil Fleszar

ID: kfleszar
Specialization: JS, Front

Perfectionist. Minimalist.

Maciej Frontkiewicz

ID: mfrontkiewicz
Specialization: Java

Enthusiast of 8-bit computers, collector of retro hardware and software.

Tomasz Gadaj

ID: tgadaj
Specialization: Java, PM

Proudly scarred in the war of 2000's, Tomek prefers to work in mature and stable companies now.

Maciej Gawinek

ID: mgawinek
Specialization: QA

Maciek's second life is all about car racing. He drives a WRC-class bolide: slick, Italian, red (hell yeah), two-door, unbrearably loud - Fiat Cinquecento. Fiat Cinquecento WRC.

Piotr Górka

ID: imeQ
Specialization: Java

Yet another Yerba Matte enthusiast, keen on physical activities. We have to admit that weed... scratch that, yerba, gives lotsa power.

Karol Hankus

ID: khankus
Specialization: Accounting & Finances

Our interface to the hellish world of invoices, taxes, and payments. It is thanks to him Nonstop's outrageously big bills are paid always on time.

Lukasz Hankus

ID: axemaster
Specialization: formalities, finances, CEO

Senior paper turner. Experienced problem solver. A huge fan of programming - recently most often in Word.


ID: jaga
Specialization: idling around

Glaring proof of a nepotism in the company. Never wrote a single line of code, never wrote a paragraph of a documentation, never managed any project. Regardless of that she was the employee of the month (each month, of course) in the years 2007-2014.

Dominik Jawor

ID: djaw
Specialization: PHP

Dominik holds guard in an outpost far far away, for a prolonged time now. Seldom speaks, but when he finally does, it's worth listening to.

Jakub Jakubiec

ID: kip9
Specialization: Java, PHP, Scrum, Linux

One-man band. Coder, admin, PM and Scrum master, all-in-one. Impossible? Hell, no.

Szymon Kolorz

ID: skolorz
Specialization: Java

He knows the vast majority of mainstream IT technologies. He used to code data warehouses, GIS systems, banking systems and platforms for public administration. Oh, by the way - it was he who saved Germany from the Y2K problem.

Rafal PSM

ID: rl
Specialization: SCRUM, PM, PHP

Professional Scrum Master. Scrum became so important in his professional career that he adopted it as his family name.

Jakub Nosek

ID: jnosek
Specialization: JS, Front

Die-hard fan of origami. Successfully mixes work and passion - he keeps trying to fold paper into a computer.

Konrad J. Nowak

ID: kjn
Specialization: PHP

Jack of all trades with a long and rich resume. Peripatetic and, unfortunately, erudite. Writer, on top of that. Genuine badass :)

Tomek Orłowski

ID: orzeu
Specialization: Java

Tomek is a very nice and likable person. He often smiles, loves people and fights for the world peace. Tomek - this is what you get out of the description generator when you don't provide any data on the input :).

Wojtek Pawlik

ID: ordo
Specialization: Java

No one knows what's in his mug. He keeps sipping it, all day long. Might be tea, might be some other weed. But then nobody asks - the sheer speed of his coding dwarfs everything else.

Mariusz Rachubiński

ID: mrachubinski
Specialization: Java

Proud father of three. Inevitably, calm and patient :). He tastes life like crazy - plays a variety of musical instruments, practices multitude of sports. How on earth he finds time to do that? He wouldn't say but in the Matrix, time is a relative thing.

Andrzej Sałak

ID: asalak
Specialization: JS/CSS

Used to read astronomical and physical tables as a hobby. He's through it now, luckily. A devoted fan of ALF.

Przemek Sinda

ID: psinda
Specialization: Java

---Classified information; the competent authorities have been notified of an unauthorized attempt to obtain sensitive information. Run for your life. ---

Pawel Skakuj

ID: ginus
Specialization: QA

IT predator. Always on duty, always vigiliant, always ready. Bugs SHALL NOT PASS!

Lukasz Skowron

ID: lskowron
Specialization: Java

He mastered the skills of translocation and bilocation. Always first in the office, even though he has to travel more than the rest of the team combined. Always responds to instant messages, even when he's totally offline. Currently trying to master levitation. Next comes telepathy. Neat, eh?

Michal Skrzypczak

ID: namir
Specialization: QA

So dedicated to his work that he tests software even after hours - mostly, as he says, complicated real time software products requiring beefy graphic board, headphones and microphone.

Arkadiusz Smyk

ID: asmyk
Specialization: Front, JS, Mobile

Front-end magician. Always enthused about really hot food, hot salsa dancing and hardcore combat training. Razor proper.

Kasia Steczek

ID: ksteczek
Specialization: JS, Front

When she's coding, it's like she's subtly casting most intricate spells. Woven, one might add, with an unearthly precision. Yennefer could learn a lot.

Michal Stochlinski

ID: smike
Specialization: Java

Has a long record track with the Police - due to his suspiciously good work performance. You have to keep in line in the corporations, it seems. He found his safe haven in Nonstop, where he can freely beat performance records.

Konrad Strzelecki

ID: kstrzelecki
Specialization: Java

Co-founder of the Tour de Ochocice cycling group. Their hidden agenda is to grab the power, eventually. In his spare time he runs workshops for youth programming or teases his better half. Patriot, social activist, swashbuckler - a 100% Pole.

Andrzej Szkliaruk

ID: andy
Specialization: PHP

There is no software problem which he could not analyze and then fix. Someone else's code is not a problem at all, either. Andy is also our window to the world of Ukrainian, say, cuisine.

Zawisza Szkudlarek

ID: zszkudlarek
Specialization: QA

Old Polish proverb says that one can always count on Zawisza. We concur - Zawisza always finds all the bugs that can be found.

Karol Tłustowski

ID: ktlustowski
Specialization: PHP

Karol had to wait for his chance to join Nonstop a wee bit too long. But who would have thought that a DJ can be a really good coder, too?

Dawid Warmuz

ID: tafit
Specialization: PHP

Unceasingly young, unceasingly capable, unceasingly promising.
When the duty calls, Dawid's secret alter-ego, Captain Javascript, takes over. Since JS is, well, JS, duty calls quite often.

Slawomir Wilusz

ID: sla
Specialization: PHP

Fstst CakePHP cdr on th plnt. Period.

Grzegorz Zalot

ID: tolaz
Specialization: Java

Genetists' bane - he proved single-handledly, that you can clone people, even with homebrew tools ;).